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Mr. Shrinkwrap Protects Machines for Transport

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The shrink wrapped machine.

Protecting equipment from dirt, debris and the elements is crucial when storing or transporting large, expensive machinery. It's something that can be overlooked and can result in costly damage. Shrink technicians from Mr. Shrinkwrap recently used a skilled, strategic process to wrap and protect this large two-piece machine from the elements during roadway transport.

A look at the machine prior to being shrink wrapped.

Wrapping objects of this size for transportation can be difficult because of the added element of chains (used to secure the load to the truck). The object must be wrapped carefully so that the chains do not pierce the shrink wrap.

For this particular machine, Mr. Shrinkwrap technicians first laid felt padding on a flatbed truck and positioned a bottom layer of film over the padding, protecting the shrink wrap from any rips. Another layer of padding was then placed on top of the shrink wrap, which the machine was then lowered onto. This padding-shrink wrap sandwich protected the shrink wrap from being pierced by the machine or the flatbed truck.

Next, technicians created controlled piercings in the bottom layer of shrink wrap to act as access points for the chains that would be used to secure the machine. The top layer of shrink wrap was then put in place and fused to the bottom layer of shrink wrap. After shrink wrapping was complete, all seams were taped. The entry points for the chains were also taped and flash-heated to ensure a tight seal. The machine was then protected, wrapped and ready for safe roadway transportation.

About Mr. Shrinkwrap

Mr. Shrinkwrap ( is a global provider of on-site shrink wrap services and distributor of shrink film, heat guns, shrink wrap tape, preservation tape, stretch wrap, self-adhering films, and shrink wrap supplies. Mr. Shrinkwrap provides a variety of commercial, industrial and residential shrink wrap applications.

Since 1991, Mr. Shrinkwrap has evolved from a local boat covering service to a thriving business with national scope. Mr. Shrinkwrap has been asked to provide shrink wrap services for objects ranging from outdoor furniture to nuclear power turbines.