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December 2020

What is the difference between centerfold and single wound film?

By December 28, 2020 1483 Views No comments

What is the difference between centerfold and single wound film?Centerfold shrink film comes in a variety of sizes (lengths and widths) but the one key feature of centerfold film is that the film itself is folded in half lengthwise. The fold creates a sort of pocket or pouch making it easy to insert items that will be packaged and shrunk together. Centerfold shrink film is most commonly made from Polyolefin or PVC.

It is important to note that if you have a 24” roll of centerfold shrink film, the actual width of the film is 48”.

Centerfold shrink film is used for lower output tabletop shrink machines and high-speed fully automatic machines.

Centerfold shrink film is typically used with L Bar Sealers and Bundling Machines. When using an L Bar Sealer, be sure to check the diameter of the centerfold shrink roll as many L Bar Sealers have a max diameter limit.

Single Wound Film

Single wound film is also known as lay-flat shrink wrap and comes on rolls in a single flat layer. Most single wound film is made from Polyolefin or polyethylene. Unlike centerfold shrink film, single wound shrink film is only sealed on two sides creating two holes on the ends known as “Bull’s Eyes.”

Single wound film rolls are typically used when the items being packaged are sent through a high-speed shrink machine because single wound film unwinds faster compared to centerfold shrink film rolls.

Note: Single Wound films can also be formed and sealed by hand.

Mr. Shrinkwrap has all of your shrink film needs. If you have questions please contact one of our experts
at 1-866-826-1417

Find the Right Sealer for You

By December 26, 2020 616 Views No comments

Find the Right Sealer for You!Sealers are a necessary tool for many shrink wrap projects. Sealers are used to seal or weld Polyolefin film around an item. The right sealer is typically dependent on job size and familiarity with sealer equipment. Here is a rundown of the various sealers available:

Jaw Sealers

  • Available in various lengths and seal bar types
  • Non-stick covers on the jaws seal polyethylene, polypropylene, similar low-density films, and bubble pack envelopes
  • Seals All Types of Polyethylene, Polypropylene, Cellophane, Mylar, and other High Temp Bags
  • Flat or serrated jaws seal cellophane, mylar, or other high-temperature films
  • Available with horizontal (chip bags) or vertical (candy bags) serrated jaws
  • Jaw sealers range in price from $372 - $570

Impulse Sealers

  • Available in various lengths between 8” and 20”
    • Pro Tip: The pros at Mr. Shrinkwrap recommend getting a 16” impulse sealer as it covers the widest array of typical uses, especially if this is your first impulse sealer.
  • Each sealer has a sealing wire that heats up when the sealing bar is closed. The sealing wire heats up the plastic film and mends it together
  • Available in flat wire or round wire varieties
    • Flat wire sealers do not seal and cut all in one motion. These sealers can seal the bag or film while leaving excess material for opening the sealed item
    • Round wire sealers cut and seal all in one motion
  • Lower heat levels allow sealing wires and tape to last longer
  • Ideal for low-volume bag sealing applications
  • Impulse sealers range in price from $123 - $264

L Bar Sealers

  • Used to more efficiently weld the plastic film around the item being wrapped
  • Compact footprint
  • Uses center-folded film to create bags around products
    • Many high output operations use centerfold shrink wrap film for wrapping a variety of products across multiple industries
  • Semi-Automatic L-Bar standard sizes range from 15” by 15” up to 30” by 40”
  • Add a Heat Shrink Tunnel or Heat Gun to an L-Bar Sealer to produce tightly shrinkwrapped packages
  • Ideal for medium to high operations
  • Various features depending on models include:
    • sealing width
    • Workspace
    • ability to adjust the film dispenser
    • perforated hole punch
    • film discharge conveyor
  • L Bars range in price from $655 - $29,990

Magic Wand Systems

  • Compact sealing solution
  • Ideal for creating variously sized and shaped packages
  • Available in Timed Impulse and Manual Impulse options, so they can be used in manual or semi-automated production lines
  • Magic wands range in price from $716 - $1,897

Bundling Machines

  • Simple yet reliable bundlers
  • The machine wraps products together using a film that covers the top and bottom of the package while the sides shrink closed in a shrink tunnel
  • Mostly used to package cases of bottles or stacks of laundry but can also be used for single products, heavy boxes, and cases of bulk packed products
  • Designed for Polyethylene or Polypropylene shrink film from a flat roll
  • Bundling machines range in price from $13,000 - $26,200

Hand Irons

  • Variable heat options
  • Heavy-duty cast aluminum face
  • Available in a variety of different widths and heating element footprints
  • Non-stick covers available
  • Wooden handles ensure a cool grip
  • Ideal for low-volume bagging and packaging
  • Hand irons range in price from $109 - $295
Sealers are excellent tools used to package products. With a wide variety of options, the experts at Mr. Shrinkwrap are here to make sure you select the perfect tool for your needs. We recommend calling us at 1-866-824-3723 to speak with a Mr. Shrinkwrap professional today!

Heat Shrink Tunnels: Why You Should Use Your End of Year Tax Breaks On This Equipment

By December 21, 2020 990 Views No comments

Heat Shrink Tunnelsheat shrink tunnel is an enclosed piece of equipment that utilizes a conveyor belt and heat system to maintain consistent temperatures within the tunnel chamber to heat shrink various different items.

There are three primary types of shrink tunnels:

  • Recirculating Tunnels
  • Infrared Tunnels
  • Steam Tunnels

Recirculating heat shrink tunnels use hot air at varying temperatures, volumes, and pressure to heat shrink an item. The ease in controlling the temperature and volume allows for easy customization for different types of items and heat shrinking needs.

Infrared heat shrink tunnels are lined with infrared bulbs that do not have to come into direct contact with the item to apply heat. Instead, these tunnels use electromagnetic radiation to heat the surface of an object. Do not use infrared tunnels for items needing to be penetrated beyond the surface as this type of heat shrink tunnel does not have that capability.

Steam heat shrink tunnels inject steam into the tunnel to heat the item. Steam heat shrink tunnels are not applicable for curing or removing water/moisture.

Heat shrink tunnels standard sizes:

  • Range from 15” wide by 6” high up to 22” wide by 8” high
  • Varying lengths and extended heights available

Most common uses for Heat Shrink Tunnels:

  • Shrinking Film or Labels
  • Removing Water or Moisture
  • Curing Coatings of Paint
  • Heating Parts
  • Shrink banding

Why invest in a heat shrink tunnel?

Heat shrink tunnels speed up shrinking by mechanizing the shrink wrap process. If you are using a sealer and heat shrink gun regularly, a heat shrink tunnel may be the answer. If you are interested in expanding your shrink wrapping business, take the pressure off from having to manually shrink wrap all items with a heat shrink tunnel. This is the perfect piece of equipment to add a second line to your production and will greatly speed up the entire process. Heat shrink tunnels will also provide consistency in the finished product and will streamline the overall process.

Heat Shrink Tunnel Manufacturers:

  • Heat Seal


  • Maripack

Chose the Perfect Heat Shrink Tunnel

Selecting the right heat shrink tunnel for your needs and future plans/goals is imperative. This is an important decision. Let the experts at Mr. Shrinkwrap help you assess the options and determine which heat shrink tunnel is right for you. We are dedicated to providing top-notch customer service and know how important it is to pick the right piece of equipment. Feel free to call us at 1-866-824-3723

Be sure to check out all of the different heat shrink tunnel options Mr. Shrinkwrap has to offer HERE!

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