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What Size Shrink Wrap Do You Need to Wrap Your Boat?

By 2 years ago 1695 Views No comments

The fall is always a great time of year with football, the holidays, and crisp cool weather rolling in. With all this fun going on, it can be easy to forget about all the winter prep that needs to get done. Along with home winterization, boat winterization is very important. Protecting your boat properly now will save you headaches and money resulting from costly damage later.

Mr. Shrinkwrap Protects Machinery for Long Term Storage

By 2 years ago 1313 Views No comments

Running a warehouse, factory, or production facility is expensive. One area in which costs can add up quickly for a warehouse is with inefficient use of space. If you're housing items that are not currently in use for production, you may be encountering unnecessary expenses. Mr. Shrinkwrap has the experience and background to help companies free up this valuable space for productive uses by preparing idle equipment or raw materials for storage in the great outdoors. Today, we're taking a look at this process in action, as we protected a large motor for outdoor storage near Elk County, PA.

Mr. Shrinkwrap Protects Machines for Transport

By 2 years ago 1242 Views No comments

Protecting equipment from dirt, debris and the elements is crucial when storing or transporting large, expensive machinery. It's something that can be overlooked and can result in costly damage. Shrink technicians from Mr. Shrinkwrap recently used a skilled, strategic process to wrap and protect this large two-piece machine from the elements during roadway transport.

Mr. Shrinkwrap Preserves Glen Echo House

By 5 years ago 1423 Views No comments

West Chester, PA – July 21st, 2014 – Shrink Wrap technicians from Mr. Shrinkwrap successfully covered the roof and chimneys of the Glen Echo House on June 20th, 2014.

Mr. Shrinkwrap Preserves Historic Locomotive

By 5 years ago 1161 Views No comments

Harrisburg, PA – June 19, 2014 – Shrink Technicians from Mr. ShrinkWrap successfully covered the GG1 4859 Electric Locomotive on May 13, 2014.

Shrink Wrap Used To Cover Mansion Roof

By 5 years ago 1285 Views No comments

Mansion Roof Covered After Fire Damage

Shrink technicians from Mr. ShrinkWrap completed installation of a partial roof cover to the fire-damaged sections of a Georgian-style mansion roof in Buckingham on Christmas Eve afternoon.

Recycling Shrink Wrap the Right Way

By 5 years ago 1007 Views No comments

With the official start of spring just a week away, boat owners everywhere will soon be tearing off their shrink wrap covers and getting their toys back in the water.

Hydropower Generator Component Shrink Wrapped for Transport

By 8 years ago 744 Views No comments

GE Energy Services’ Philadelphia office contracted with Mr. Shrinkwrap to prepare a 210 kilowatt exciter for shipping.

After the Storm - A Roof Wrap with Before & After Pictures

By 9 years ago 738 Views No comments

We're excited to share with you this before and after set of pictures from a recent shrink wrapping project of a home that was damaged from a fallen tree during a storm.

Outdoor furniture is Enjoyable, Keep it Looking Great by Storing it Outdoors with Shrink Wrap

By 9 years ago 1081 Views No comments

When summer is winding down, thoughts of a snowy or wet winter or spring can be the furthest from your mind. Come spring however, when it's time to set up your outdoor living space, the choices you make in the fall on how to store your outdoor furniture can determine how that experience turns out.

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