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Husky Brand Shrink Wrap

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  • Husky Brand Shrink Wrap
  • Husky Brand Shrink Wrap
  • Husky Brand Shrink Wrap
  • Husky Brand Shrink Wrap
  • Road Transportation with 10 Mil Husky Brand Shrink Wrap
  • Temporary Wall made of 10 Mil Husky Brand Shrink Wrap
  • Temporary Wall made of 10 Mil Husky Brand Shrink Wrap

10 Mil Shrink Wrap Choice of Size

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Rolls over 150lbs Must ship by Freight.

10 Mil shrink wrap is used on all types of applications from large boats to industrial and construction applications.

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10 Mil Shrink Wrap Choice of Size

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Shrink Wrap MSDS
Shrink Wrap Specifications


10 Mil Husky Brand Heat Shrink Wrap is typically used to wrap boats and other equipment for protection from the elements.  When compared to 7 Mil shrink wrap for boats, 10 Mil is 42.9% percent thicker, which means 10 Mil can withstand MUCH more stress and abuse than its 7 Mil counterpart.  On top of being more puncture resistant, thicker films can take more sustained heat while shrinking before a blowout occurs, which provides a greater ease of installation for the installer.  Thicker films are necessary for heavy duty applications or long distance road transportation.  10 Mil shrink wrap is also used in construction applications for dust barriers, temporary walls, and sometimes to cover damaged roofs.  10 Mil is the standard thickness of film used for basic construction applications and wrapping industrial equipment for road transportation.


** Rolls with a weight of 150 lbs or greater Must ship by Freight. **
SKU Item Name Roll Weight Box Dimensions Surface Area Colors Available
MSW2010010W 20' x 100'  Husky Shrink Wrap 95.5 64" x 9" x 9" 2,000 sq ft White
MSW4010010W 40' x 100'  Husky Shrink Wrap 198.75 65" x 11" x 11" 4,000 sq ft White
MSW6010010W 60' x 100'  Husky Shrink Wrap 296 105" x 12" x 12" 6,000 sq ft White


Mr. ShrinkWrap’s Shrink Wrap is suited for heavy-duty applications where excellent two directional shrink properties and toughness is required. Our Shrink Wrap is formulated from premium grade polyethylene, UV inhibitors, and other additives which are designed to resist degradation due to sunlight, rain, chemicals and heat. Mr. ShrinkWrap’s Shrink Wrap is manufactured to the highest QC standards and is backed by a proven track record of success.  To inquire about our Shrink Wrap, please give us a call at 800-847-5290.


Our shrink wrap is made of 100% virgin resin with 6 month UVI protection and meets the following industry and government technical specifications:

Federal Specifications
D882 D1593 D1709 D1922
D2732 D4397-91 D4635-91 G53
LP-378 LP-390 LP-512


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Mr. Shrinkwrap is a leading distributor of protective products, shrink wrap films and installation supplies with a dedicated team available to take your order at any time of day. We have several experienced shrink wrap installation technicians on staff to help and support you on various aspects of any shrink wrap project. If you would like to place an order over the phone or have questions for us, give Mr. Shrinkwrap a call at 800-847-5290.

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